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Track Journal Evaluation Progress

Indus Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences

ISSN: 3005-2025 | E-ISSN: 3005-2017
Submission Received: 11 August 2023

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Step-1: Basic Information

During this step the information specialists will verify the following information.
Successful completion of Step 1 will lead to the start of Step 2.

  • Journal Name

  • ISSN

  • Journal URL

  • Aims and Scope

  • Instructions for Authors

  • Editorial Board

  • Digital Object Identifier

Step-2: Journal Contact Info

It is very important to provide valid and reachable contact
information of the journal.

  • Street Address

  • Primary Telephone

  • Primary E-mail

  • Primary Contact Person

Step-3: Publisher Contact Info

Valid publisher contact information is very important.
It is required to send the final decision about this evaluation.

  • Publisher Name

  • Street Address

  • Primary Telephone

  • Primary E-mail

  • Primary Contact Person

Step-4: Journal Policies

For indexing a title in Asian Digital Library, the suggested titles should have well
defined editorial and publication policies mentioned on the journal's website.

  • Ethics Policy

  • Peer Review Policy

  • Authorship Policy

  • Copyrights & Licensing Policy

  • Open Access Policy

  • Publication charge policy

  • Digital Preservation Policy

  • Complaint Policy

Step-5: Journal Content

During this step, the information specialists will prepare a report about the published contents
and will prepare suggestions for the indexing of the suggested title in ADL.

  • Under Review by the
    Information Specialists

  • Under Review by the
    Selection Committee

  • Assigned to prepare
    final decision letter

Step-6: Review Inprocess

Final decision of the evaluation will be communicated to the
Publisher/Primary contact person as soon as it is completed.