1. Content Coverage

    The indexation of scientific literature is considered a reflection of its quality. A well-indexed journal is always the first preference of private and public research organizations to publish their research work and gain wider dissemination. In other words, indexed journals are considered to be of higher scientific content quality as compared to non-indexed journals.

    Scientific literature, publishing outside the Asian region is more discoverable than publishing in local Asian journals because of the good content coverage of their journals in the world known databases.

    The research landscape in Asia is dynamic and burgeoning, with its researchers making significant contributions in academic publications, research & development, and high-technology manufacturing in the world. Along with that, Asia is also slowly becoming a scientific hub for the world’s publishing output. Although the surge and growth in Asian research publications are high, the global accessibility of this research is still a question due to which a lot of important research work goes unnoticed.

    Keeping in view the dire need of the Asian Scholarly Publishing community, The Asian Digital Library (ADL) took the Initiative to provide source-neutral access to millions of articles from high quality & peer-reviewed literature including journals, databases, articles, and e-Books across a wide range of disciplines. The sole aim of ADL is to equip researchers of Asian public/private universities and nonprofit research & development organizations with fast, smart and easy electronic (online) delivery of scholarly literature.

  2. Source Type

    One of the objectives of the Asian Digital Library is to provide a comprehensive content coverage in the field of science, technology and medicine to meet the need of the global scientific community.

    Serial publications (journals, trade journals, book series and conference materials) are considered for indexing in Asian Digital Library on the recommendations of the Content Selection Committee.

Geographical Coverage of Titles